Long overdue and featuring the wonderful work of in the inestimable Ginny Cook and Julie Shafer, Public Display #5 is here, yours for the taking, as either a full-res pdf (145mb) or at 72dpi for a faster download.  There’s a kind of aesthetic overlap of fixating, graceful refusal here that I think makes this one maybe the best one yet; I hope you enjoy it.  Sample images below the download links.

Public Display #5

Public Display #5 (72dpi)

2_Wine Stain_4 72

5_Lull 72

Shafer1 72

Shafer11 72

And right on the heels of new issues of Public Display comes a new issue of Public Access, featuring the work of writers Rob Halpern and Joe Milazzo.  Enjoy!  (FYI the pdf is 300dpi, i.e. print resolution, so that you can see the text well, but it might take a bit of time to download.)

Public Access #6

Apologies for the long wait, folks, for everyone involved, but I have two amazing new issues of Public Display for you, an issue featuring Amir Zaki and Jon Horvath (#3) and an issue featuring Zoe Crosher and Calvin Lee (#4).  Download links plus some sample images are below.  Enjoy!

Public Display #3 300dpi

Public Display #3 (72dpi)

aaa squares002 72

aaa squares008 72

aaa JH7 72

aaa JH10 72

Public Display 4 (300dpi)

Public Display 4 (72dpi)

aaa Zoe 4 72 Disappearance-A6577005-final-final

aaa Zoe 9 72 Disappearance-A6577073-final-final


aaa 02. Calvin Lee 72

aaa 15. Calvin Lee 72

And after a bit of silence too complicated to get into but entirely justifiable, we have the newest Public Display, #2, featuring work by Uta Barth and Kate Johnson.  See some examples below the links to download either the full-res 300dpi version or the low-res smaller file size 72dpi version.  And now that we’re lurching into fall things should start out rolling faster with both Public Access and Public Display; the next issue of Public Access, #6, will feature Rob Halpern and Joe Milazzo and will be out by the end of the month.

Public Display #2 300dpi

Public Display #2 72dpi

12.1L_crop 72


12.1R_crop 72


KJohnson2 72


KJohnson10 72

At long last and after a hard-to-explain-much-less-justify delay, here you have before you the magnificent Public Access #5, featuring work by the amazing Vanessa Place and the stupendous Danielle Adair.  I’m honored that both writers would grace me with writing for my little magazine and I think it’s the best one yet.  Enjoy.


Public Access #5

And now here we have the counterpart of the literary magazine, Public Display, devoted to art (mostly photography because it’s the best art) and in this debut issue featuring the work of LA-based Siri Kaur and Chicago-based Lauren Edwards.  Below is the link and some samples of images; the next issue, in mid-May, will feature the work of Uta Barth and Kate Johnson.

There are two versions: the massive 100-mb full-resolution copy and the 9mb low-res copy, yours for the choosing.  Enjoy!

Public Display #1 (high res)

Public Display #1 (low res)





After some delays traceable entirely to confusion and overextension on my part, I have the new issue of Public Access for you, featuring the excellent writers Parick Durgin and Erika Staiti.  There’s a lot of fluidity going on in the texts, fluidity of gender and the body and of commerce and politics and I tried to reflect that in the design.  Enjoy!  Right-click-save-as the text below:

Public Access #4

And here’s issue three of Public Access, fully high-res “designed” by yours truly and featuring a lot of images so it’s a big pdf, 47mb big, but worth every mb, I think.  The issue features work from Jen Hofer’s Front Page News project and The Chronovisor Project, a collaboration between Janice Lee and Laura Vena.   Directly below is the link to download (right-click save-as like usual) followed by a few sample pages of the mag for reference.  Enjoy, and please spread the word about the mag to people you know who might be interested.

Public Access #3



I started a photocopied b/w journal in 2008 with one aim: to link an “established” writer with a lesser-known writer in the hopes of bringing more young or overlooked writing into public view, hence the name of the journal.  I dropped the project after two issues when life took a detour but I’m back now with a reformulation of the journal, now as a full-color downloadable pdf.  Soon I’ll archive issues 1 and 2 but momentarily I’ll post preview pages and the link for Public Access #3, featuring Jen Hofer with Janice Lee & Laura Vena.

New issues should get posted about every two months, give or take, and in between I may solicit some people I both do and don’t know for one-off postings of text here on the blog.  Stay tuned for a new and improved Public Access.

Nicholas Grider