Apologies for the long wait, folks, for everyone involved, but I have two amazing new issues of Public Display for you, an issue featuring Amir Zaki and Jon Horvath (#3) and an issue featuring Zoe Crosher and Calvin Lee (#4).  Download links plus some sample images are below.  Enjoy!

Public Display #3 300dpi

Public Display #3 (72dpi)

aaa squares002 72

aaa squares008 72

aaa JH7 72

aaa JH10 72

Public Display 4 (300dpi)

Public Display 4 (72dpi)

aaa Zoe 4 72 Disappearance-A6577005-final-final

aaa Zoe 9 72 Disappearance-A6577073-final-final


aaa 02. Calvin Lee 72

aaa 15. Calvin Lee 72